building in waller County

Things you need to know.

VERY IMPORTANT! If you plan on applying for tax abatements for a new facility or an expansion of an existing one, don't start construction before you contact us. For more information on qualifying for tax abatements, go to the incentives page.

Although the construction process in Waller County is very friendly, there are still some things you need to be aware of. To help you plan your project in Waller County we have provided a simple one page brochure with the main items to consider when planning a development or project and some information on economic incentives for qualifying businesses.

Services available to help you

The WCEDP is fortunate to have many quality companies that can assist you in the land acquisition, design and construction of your project. Select a service from the list below to see companies that have experience that may help you.


Construction & Permitting

Permitting Process - County Engineer's Office

Permitting is handled through the County Engineer's Office at 979-826-7670. They are located at 775 Business 290 East, Hempstead, TX 77445. You can also find information on the county web site. One of the items that demonstrate Waller County’s commitment to progress is a friendly permitting process. Working along with the county engineer, businesses and developers desiring to build within the county will find an efficient system for processing permits and facilitating the construction process. In some instances, variances may be obtained by going through commissioner’s court. To learn more, contact the county engineer's office at 979-826-7670.

Fire Code / Inspections

Waller County has adopted the 2009 International Fire Code and applies to most new construction projects within the unincorporated areas of the county. If you are planning a new building, or a substantial remodel to an existing building within the county please visit the Fire Marshal web site for more information. For questions only, contact Fire Marshal Brian Cantrell. Do not send drawings or plans to this email.

Local Utilities Contact Information

To help you find what you need, download this list of the various contact numbers to get utility service for your project or home. If you can't find what you need, call our office at 979-921-9059 and we will be able to help.

Using and developing Rail Access

Waller County is fortunate to have rail along US Hwy 290 and along Hwy 90 in the south end of the county. Of these two lines, the one in the south is most open for development. If you are looking to develop property along the rail lines in Waller County. You will need to speak with the local Union Pacific office. For more information, email their Industrial Development Department, or call them at 800-346-1973. You can also visit their web site at

building in the brookshire katy drainage district

Special permitting and drainage requirements may apply to your project in the BKDD.

If you are considering building in the southern portion of the county, you may be in the BKDD. Download a boundary map here. If so, you will need to submit an application through the district's offices and coordinate your construction with the BKDD engineer. To save time, visit their web site to download the rules and regulations. You may also call them at 281-375-5430.

As a rural community we highly value the environment. We work diligently with groups like the Katy Prairie Conservancy and Houston Wilderness to protect our natural resources. Over time we hope to leverage our rural environment by creating a series of parks and trails throughout the county.